How to get a reservation at Boreela :

1.  Check our RESERVATIONS page. Reservations are first come, first serve so you'll have to be quick.

2.  Click on the date of the dinner you would like to attend. We will be posting one reservation at a time, roughly once a month. This will increase the number of opportunities to get a reservation, so please keep checking back in.

3.  Fill out the linked form to save your place in line. For now, this is only a request for a reservation, not the reservation itself.

4.  If you are the first person, we will email you shortly. Keep an eye out for the email from us! (Check your inbox and junk/spam folder just in case. Spam filters might inhibit receiving our email, so consider adjusting your settings and adding '' to your contacts.)

5.  This email contains a link to our confirmation page. There you will confirm your reservation and provide the contact info of the rest of your party. You must confirm and supply this contact information within 12 hours from the timestamp of our email. Further time sensitive instructions will also be provided on this page for you AND your party to follow.

6.  Failure to reply within the allotted times will result in your reservation being offered to the next person on our waitlist. This cycle repeats until the reservation is secured.

7.  Once the reservation is finalized, we will mark that dinner as 'BOOKED'.


• While we announce when reservations are open on Twitter and Instagram, there is always a small window where our reservations are open before social media is alerted.

• As long as you don't see the word 'BOOKED', requests for reservations are still being accepted. 

• If you see the word 'BOOKED' for a dinner you tried to reserve and you still have not received an email from us, the reservation went to someone else. There is no need to email us.