Who comes to these dinners?

Ideally? You.

You could attend alone. As a couple. Or in a small group. Boreela is designed to serve food for parties of up to 4 people. The best part? You get to pick who dines with you. 

You don’t have to worry about making dinner conversation with people you don’t know. Bring your parents. Bring your partner. Or just bring a book and your appetite.

I see something on the menu I can’t eat. Can you make me something else?

At Boreela everyone eats the same food. In other words, no special dishes will be made for one individual.

For this reason, we kindly request that you make us aware of any dietary restrictions / allergies you might have (we’ll ask when you make a reservation). 

The information you and the members of your party provide will affect the menu for the whole group. For example: if one diner is vegetarian and another is lactose intolerant, then no meat or dairy will be on the menu that particular night. Not only does this mean you all get to eat everything, it also means no two dinners will be alike.

Also, the menu only represents a dinner in which there are no dietary restrictions. Alternative ingredients will be used where appropriate.

When and where are these dinners? And how do I get a reservation?

Doors open at 7:30PM and only open once. Service begins right away so please do not be late. Instructions on entrance and location will be given to whomever made the reservation so it’s a good idea to be in contact with them.

Reservations are “first-come-first-serve” so you’ll have to be quick to snag one when they come up. Keep an eye on our reservations page by clicking on the knife and fork at the top of the page. We’ll announce when reservations are about to open up both here and on social media. A more comprehensive guide to how this works can found here which we recommend taking the time to peruse.

What do you mean by 'donation-based'?

All of the ingredients for the food we prepare come from local suppliers and farmer’s markets. We do our best to source high quality ingredients (organic when possible) that honor both the product and the product maker.


Boreela relies on donations to offset those food costs. The current suggested minimum donation is $85 per diner. Thank you in advance for helping to keep Boreela going.

Anything else I should know?

All dinners are BYO and there is no smoking before, during, or after the meal on the premises.

I have more questions...

And we'd love to answer them. Email us at: boreeladining@gmail.com